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GSM Lift Phone Solution

NBN GSM Lift Phone Solution, Property owners and building managers in charge of lifts need to be on the front foot when it comes to being in control of the emergency procedures for their elevators even more with NBN being switched on in more and more areas every day.

One easy way to enhance the safety of a property is to ensure that all elevators have been updated with a functional communications system to ensure your lift phone meets and complies with the new Australian standards.


Check if your area or apartment building is NBN ready, and note the actual technology used.  Take note of the type of technology rolling out for your building? Eg:  FTTN/FTTB (Fibre to the Node or Fibre to the Basement)  Click here to View NBN availability

With the NBN rolling out throughout Australia its important for all building managers, homeowners should register there lift phones with the NBN.  Register your Lift Phone NOW!!!!   Click Here to Register.

ARCS recommends getting your building lift phone lines ready for the NBN prior to the cutover date, is something you should be considered from the day you are informed the NBN is arriving.

You may also be required to change or update your lift monitoring service, in most cases this will not change.  Locate a suitable GSM service provider, take time to look around, currently, some service providers are offering 3g/4g SIM for around $10 per month with unlimited calls.  If you require assistance with this Call ARCS today.

ARCS has NBN GSM Lift Phone Solution.

Installing a fully compliant NEOSLIFT is suitable for GSM networks operating in 900/1800 MHz bands and for Vodafone, Telstra Next G & Optus dual 3G networks utilizing the 850/900/2100 MHz UMTS bands. Australian standard dial tone, ring tone, and ring cadence are supported.

The NEOS3003 has a variety of uses Including Back To Base Alarm systems, Reliable Emergency/Medical phone system and much more.

Comfort tone is provided during call set up, small and so compact these units can be mounted anywhere.  The NEOSLIFT system is  compatible with all GSM networks currently operating with Australia and provides you with the following options for your emergency lift communications system:

 NEOS3001 3G01
3G Gateway for lifts, Intercoms, Alarms & Pbx systems by Aristel

Supports all carriers - all areas 800/850/900/1900/2100 Mhz

Take advantage of low cost capped SIM plan

Seamless call set up (no silent periods)

Ideal for PBX, Elevator Phones and Alarm Systems

 Hotline feature

Australian ring tone and ring cadence supported

 Caller ID pass through

 Supplied with a magnetic base antenna with 3-meter lead for best signal placement.

NEOS3001 3G01 3G Gatewayfor Lifts, Intercoms, Alarms and PBX

$395.00   inc GST

Single Line 3G/4G Elevator Gateway by Aristel

3G/4G Voice Gateway

Battery backup  for up to 8+ Hours

Includes wall  mounting bracket

Antenna with 3M cable

Intercom line supports 48v DC & 90v AC ring (OK for a wired distance up to 5KMs)

$647.90 inc GST

Compliant with Australian Standard

Download PDF here

Two Line 3G/4G Elevator Gateway 
by Aristel

3G/4G Elevator voice gateway with failover protection

Auto network failure detection with the alternate carrier in second SIMBattery backup for up to 8+ Hours

Includes wall  mounting bracket

Antennae with 3M cableIntercom line support 48v DC & 90v AC ring (OK for a wired distance up to 5KMs)

$1303.50.00 inc GST

Compliant with Australian Standards

With the option of an additional GSM backup unit, you can have separate carriers on each unit Eg, Telstra, and Optus.  If the main carrier's network fails the unit will automatically switch to the backup unit, keeping the lift phone fully operational in case of an emergency.

The backup battery is a great advantage with this model as it is resistant to power outages with no downtime, with full support and a 12-month warranty.

Download PDF here


10m Mini Coax SMA Male to Female

Insertion Loss 8db at 900Mhz

Antenna Extension Cable

10m Mini Coax SMA Male to Female

$23-95 inc GST


Provides up to 8 hours back up for the NEOS3001 3G/4G gateways during power outages.

$117.00 inc GST