Have you contacted your ISP/RSP to report a faulty internet service?  

Been told “we have tested your NBN service and your internet is working fine“? 

You have tried several times over several hours, to explain that there are no lights on your NBN NTD or Modem?  

But the operator informs you will call you back in 48 hours to check your service.

Now after the 3rd call they finally decide to send a Telstra or NBN Technician. 

When they arrive they bang on a meter and “hey presto, sorry we can’t find anything wrong“? 

The technician leaves and you now spend another 2 hours on the phone trying to book another visit.  

10 days later the technician arrives, goes away and comes back in a few hours!  “All fixed“, and he leaves. 

Your internet works for a few hours but then you start getting drop-outs.  

We know this can be very frustrating especially if you have been charged for a service call.

Turn to the experienced technicians that you can trust to get it right the first time! 

Call ARCS today on 1300 638 311

Our experienced and professional technicians have years of experience in DSL testing and report preparation. We will provide detailed testing, list any and all defects found with your service and provide you with a detailed report in PDF format.

ARCS technicians are experienced in fault finding, testing, and repairs to your voice and data services.  Our technicians are fully experienced in both NBN and VDSL internet services using specialized equipment to correctly diagnose faults within your home or office network.  

Our reports provide QoS (Quality Of Service) and we also include photos of each testing stage in the event you may be required to provide them to your ISP/RSP.  Reports include a snapshot of suspected fault location, whether within your own network or within the carrier’s network.  Reports are completed in PDF format and emailed to you.