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Keeping you connected


Keeping you connected

Recommended ADSL Speeds?

The maximum download speed reachable by ADSL 2+ is dependant on the distance the end user's modem is located from the DSLAM.


25.0 Mbit/s @ 0.3 Km

24.0 Mbit/s @ 0.6 Km

23.0 Mbit/s @ 0.9 Km

22.0 Mbit/s @ 1.2 Km

21.0 Mbit/s @ 1.5 Km1

9.0 Mbit/s @ 1.8 Km

16.0 Mbit/s @ 2.1 Km

8.0  Mbit/s @ 3,0 Km

3.0  Mbit/s @ 4.5 Km

1.5   Mbit/s @ 5.2 Km

If you are located any further then 5.5 Km from a DSLAM your ISP should not be selling a service, (BUT THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS)

Real download speeds are based on cable size, from the Exchange to the end users premises.


A distance of 9.0 Km with a cable size made up of different cable gauge e.g. 80% @ 0.90 10% @ 0.64 and 10% @0.40,  you could expect to see speed between 4.0 Meg to 8.0 Meg, but it is only found in Rural/outlying Metro areas of Australia.  This is because the signal to travel a lot of further distances and therefore require a larger surface area to achieve this.  In all Metropolitan areas, the majority of the cable gauge is only 0.40 and you couldn't achieve the same results over distance.