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Keeping you connected

ACMA Technician

ACMA Technician - do I need one?

Do I need an ACMA Technician? Choosing your cabler is important and helps you get the job done.

You need an ACMA Technician for:

  • Network cabling
  • MDF Jumpering
  • Phone cabling
  • Cabling upgrades and repairs

This is for both residential and commercial.

The ACMA has guidelines so all cablers are required to be registered. They  MUST have an OPEN or RESTRICTED cabling license. And hold the appropriate endorsements.  This also includes all work relating to the NBN.

What is the difference between an OPEN and RESTRICTED license?

RESTRICTED cabling licenses are limited in what they can do.  Such as socket replacements or MDF jumpering. They can not run any cable. Only coaxial cabling for broadband internet.

OPEN licence are unable to perform any type of cabling. UNLESS they hold endorsements attached to their OPEN REGISTRATION.

The type of endorsements they hold, show what cables they can run. For example:

  •  S (Structured Cabling). This allows the cabler to run, repair or terminate data cabling.
  • O (Optical-fibre cable). Installation and testing.
  • C (Installation of coaxial cabling). RG6 or RG11.
  • T (undertake testing of data cabling)

You'll need a registered approved cabler to install and terminate your cabling to sockets, patch panels or WIFI APs.

An ACMA Technician can hold either licence.

Are ARCS technicians ACMA approved?

Our technicians are fully licensed. They are open cabling certified technicians. The technicians have extensive industry experience.  Mainly with a formal Telstra Background. We regularly monitor our technician's license and insurances And ensure they are current.

Our technicians operate in Sydney and surrounding areas. This includes the upper and lower Blue Mountains.

Give ARCS a call today. And get on top of your cabling with an ACMA technician.

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