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Data - Structured Cabling

Data Cabling

With the arrival of the NBN, Cat6 data cabling is now more important than ever before in homes and offices.  Allowing network cables to transmit and receive data packets at higher rates of speed.

So what is structured cabling also know as backbone cabling or Cat6 data cabling?  Well, in short, its the internal wiring from the MDF (MAIN DISTRIBUTION FRAME) located in the electrical room in an office block or block of units.  This is also referred to as the B side or customer cabling from the MDF to an FDF (FLOOR DISTRIBUTION FRAME) located on each floor, which then spreads out to each unit or office and may also terminate onto another krone block or Office distribution frame.

Can also be referred to as Ethernet cabling, network cabling or backbone cabling,  technicians will use or refer to these terms used for structured cabling.  Simply put data cabling consists of copper CAT 5/5e 6, 7, fibre or RG6 (HFC) wiring run between floors or internal walls.  Allowing connections to your computer, phone, wireless access points, copiers, network storage devices and a whole lot more such as control lighting, TV devices, and security cameras.

Category data or structured cabling can be either Cat3, Cat5/e, Cat6, Cat6e Cat7 and is widely used is most structure cabling setups,  allowing you to also power devices via POE (POWER OVER ETHERNET).

Need Advice

ARCS technicians use certified Category cabling and equipment, which are backed by manufacturer warranties.  We work closely with our clients and take time to listen to their requirements, in order to provide the best solutions for their home or business needs.  Every day, we provide Internet & Phone Services to all customers from leading ISP's, who need help in addressing their Cabling needs.


On the completion of all data cabling, our technicians to provide you with a TCA 1 form detailing work carried out Tech's name and License number to comply with ACMA cabling rules.

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