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Keeping you connected


Keeping you connected


LeadIn Cable faulty or damaged, Need your lead In cable repaired or a lead In Cable installed,  ARCS Technicians are fully certified to repair/replace or install your Lead in cable from the carries pit to your 1st socket or MDF .  All our Technicians fully accredited to install, repair or replace lead In cables.

For ADSL/VDSL  and cable Broadband Internet services, As your Lead In cable connects your home or office to Telstra or NBN's network. This can be achieved by either by, underground or above ground (Aerial) including fibre to the PCD. With todays technology Lead In Cables can be comprised of Copper, HFC (Hybrid fibre Coax).

The type used will depend on the type of network installed within your area.  Our Technicians are qualified to install, repair or replace underground or Aerial lead in cables to your premises on all types of network including FTTN/B & FTTP HFC cable broadband.

ARCS has you covered for all your Leadin cable replacements or upgrades

LeadIn Cable Types

  • Copper LeadIns Including Cat6
  • Fibre Lead-Ins
  • Aerial
  • Underground
  • RG6
  • RG11

What Is a LeadIn?

A Lead-In is the physical connection between your home and the carriers network that allows home phone and internet services to be supplied to your property.  The carrier Telstra or NBN is responsible for supplying the majority of the network, however you’re responsible for supplying the trench on your private property through which Leadin cable will be installed.  A Lead-In is usually installed underground, unless aerial cable is already being used in the street.

Do I need A LeadIn?

You may require a new Lead-In if you’re requesting a new home phone service, bundle internet service, or Cable internet service and your property fits one of the following descriptions:

  • It’s brand new
  • It’s been renovated
  • It’s been knocked-down/rebuilt
  • It’s never had a home phone or Cable internet connection before

If your property has had a previous home phone or Cable internet connection (and no renovations or re-development has occurred), it’s likely that your home already has a Lead-In. An indication of an existing Lead-In is a grey wall box on the side of the property, or an overhead aerial cable directly from a street pole to the property.

Repairing Damaged Underground LeadIn:

We can locate damaged or blocked underground lead-In pipes, and repair as required in order to be able to re install a new cable.  A more cost effective solution than spending thousands to have a complete new lead-In pipe installed.